Qu Custom AI.

Move AI from the lab to the workspace.​

Qu has helped clients discover new music talent, decode opinions, avert a crisis, save millions in marketing spend, and uncover the theft of high-value intellectual property.


Custom AI Software

Why Qu?

Qu applies state of the art methods in optimisation and simulation with machine learning and causal inference to build better AI, faster. 

Our Services.

A complete solution for custom AI.

We build platforms, design and engineer models, build state of the art forecasting systems, and wrap it all up with human-centred AI experiences to delight users.  



Qu’s advanced AI platform enables rapid time to market. Go from data to scalable, containerised deployment of real-time AI in weeks.


Human AI

We build human-centred AI tools using our Qu’s advanced application building blocks. Qu brings it all together.



Qu Models cover everything from prediction, forecasting, optimisation, causal discovery, and natural language.



Crisis Management

Intelligence Nerve Centre for a multinational retail corporation


Marketing Effectiveness AI for global advertisers.

Talent Discovery

Massive-scale Music Intelligence for Talent Discovery.


Global Intelligence and Network Mining for The United Nations 

Employee Satisfaction

Natural Language opinion mining software for a software co.


Global security monitoring system for intelligence client.

Consumer Opinion

Advanced Natural Language and Network Analysis for a major corporation.

Smart Buildings

Occupant Experience Platform and assistive application design.


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