Decision AI™ Platform.

Decision Intelligence. Automated.

No matter the size of your decision team, choose Qu’s enterprise platform to assist and automate decisions.  Qu’s end-to-end platform automates and operates the entire data, machine learning, prediction, forecasting, and optimisation pipeline for decision intelligence.

What we offer:

The Platform.


Each module of our platform can be deployed individually or deployed as an end-to-end stack to support your organisation in decision assistance and automation.



Operational Data Platform



Massive-scale Time Series Data Intelligence



Automated Machine Learning



Automated Demand Forecasting 



Causal Discovery and Outcome Evaluation



Natural Language
Understanding and Generation



Autonomous Event Intelligence



Mathematical Optimisation
and Simulation



Action and Task Automation



Your decision pipeline is mission-critical.
Pick the best platform for the job.

Qu Decision Intelligence™  is a mission-critical platform that powers decision assistance and automation — Qu plugs into your organisation’s data and AI systems to create intelligent decision workflows – it helps people find the right choice, make faster decisions, and take action with humans or machines.


Generate AI-ready data.



Fuel AI with accurate, timely, and complete data.

Data is the fuel on which AI, causal inference, and mathematical optimisation run.  In order to successfully deliver forecasting or understand causality, it is vital to have accurate, timely, and complete data that captures both the current state of operations and can be used to forecast the future demand.

Qu Data™  is a mission-critical operational data platform that powers data collection and consolidation for all of your organisation’s tools — it collects data from every platform, dataset, and system to make all of your data instantly accessible.  Qu scales to substantial volumes of data with high fidelity and throughput.


Make time the primary axis.

We do not just want to observe the current state  – we want to measure how things change over time.  This requires a new type of system that relies heavily on time to preserve information about the change that is happening.



Get high fidelity 
time series intelligence.

Qu Dimensional™ is our state-of-the-art time series ingestion, storage, analysis, and predictive engine for time centred data — it scales to 100s of millions of time series and billions of data points, allowing you to autonomously run Causal Discovery and Machine Learning across all of your markets, brands, products, and variants.

Time Series Database

Qu Dimensional™ time-series database is performance proven and can store 100s of terabytes or petabytes.

Time Series Analytics

The time-series analytics engine provides blazing-fast query and aggregations that is needed to support massive-scale analysis.

Time Series Classification

Feature extraction for translating the informative content of time-series data into scalar quantities

Anomaly and Outlier Detection

Detect anomalies and outliers in time series datasets.

Peak and Valley Detection

Find peaks and valleys in time series datasets.

Event Mapping

Map time based events to millions of time series.


Automated Machine Learning

Automate end-to-end machine learning.

Qu Data™  is a mission-critical data infrastructure that powers data collection and consolidation for all of your organisation’s tools — it collects data from every platform, dataset, and system to make all of your data instantly accessible.  Qu scales to substantial volumes of data with high fidelity and throughput.


Go state-of-the-art with forecasting.


Demand Forecasting.

Get better forecasts with accurate and scalable demand forecasting.

Qu Forecast™ runs and operates the complete pipeline from dataset ingestion and AI-ready data generation – to the deployable and verified machine learning models that drive forecasts.  Qu Forecast™ is fully managed, so there are no servers to provision, and no machine learning models to build, train, or deploy.

Demand Forecasting,


Accurate demand prediction is vital to keep inventory levels accurate, balance production and distribution with demand, source materials, manage pricing, and direct operations.  Make better forecasts and navigate volatility. Large collections of time series data have substantial value — Qu analyses a broader set of inputs to make better forecasts, which in turn results in improved downstream decision making.

Modern Demand AI

Demand Forecasting.

Go global.

Time series modelling has traditionally focused on individual time series via local models.  Qu applies advances in deep learning to generate substantial improvements over the local approach by utilising large amounts of data for estimating parameters of a single global model over the entire collection of time series

Go granular.

Qu’s approach to granularity helps you make better actionable decisions across all models and analytics.

Granularity at related product categories or product combinations,  product attributes, individual product, and more.

Go autonomous.

Qu runs and operates the complex end-to-end machine learning system, which includes data preprocessing, feature engineering, distributed learning, as well as evaluation, experimentation and ensembling.


Expand your causal intelligence.



Understand the causal impact of every metric.

Qu Causal™ follows every decision outcome to help organisations better understand the impact of their decisions. Qu fully autonomously discovers to what extent different actions and interventions contributed to an outcome change in metrics and indicators — to finally answer the question of why something happened. Qu scales to 100s of millions of time series and billions of data points.


Add intelligence to text.



Reveal the structure and meaning of text.

Qu collects text from relevant sources and uses natural language understanding (NLU) to reveal the structure and meaning of text — It extracts information about people, places, organisations, topics, and events and uses classification to map knowledge to decision topics.  Qu helps you understand written evidence and conversations and surfaces a personalised knowledge feed for every decision and decision space.  


Continuous Intelligence.

Get high-frequency intelligence.

Qu’s fully autonomous continuous intelligence watches every dataset, metric, and model to detect high-impact events faster than humanly possible and notifies teams in real time about change. 

Qu synthesises complex analysis into easy to digest narratives so that every decision maker and decision team can access tailored updates in one frictionless interface.

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