AI Strategy Services.

Exploit the potential of AI.

We create integrated strategies for where, how and when to deploy AI.​

AI Strategy for Business

Develop your AI Strategy.


Develop Smarter Products

Embed AI, Causal Discovery, and Optimisation into your existing products.


Develop Smarter Services

Embed AI, Causal Discovery, and Optimisation into your existing service offers.


Make Processes Intelligent

Increase intelligence in your existing or new business processes. 


Automate Tasks

Automate repetitive and mundane tasks with AI.


AI Strategy Building Blocks.

Qu helps you to understand AI, its potential, and the opportunities for its implementation.  We identify and assess the possibilities for AI in your organisation and build the case for its implementation.

Ethicals and Legal

We help you understand the ethical, regulatory, and policy implications that arise from AI and focus on how AI techniques, tools, and technologies are developing and plotting where these developments may lead in the future.

Skills and Capacity

Qu helps you build the skills and capacity for AI at scale.  We can create a talent acquisition strategy for your organisation.

AI Ready Data

Qu helps you find and generate AI-ready data that supports the entire data value chain — from data capture to cleaning, storage, governance, security, analysis, and dissemination.

Technology and Infrastructure

From operational data platforms to automated machine learning and optimisation – Qu helps organisations deliver the technology infrastructure to underpin massive-scale AI systems.


Qu’s deep AI and engineering expertise, broad experience of industries, out of the box tools, platforms, and accelerators helps you build and scale explainable and safe AI solutions.

Qu AI Strategy

Work with the AI experts.

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